Making Your Boiler More Efficient

In this era of rising fuel costs and economic uncertainty most homeowners will want to get the most heat for their heating dollars. The way for those who use hot water heating is to make their boiler as efficient as possible.

Fortunately there quite a few ways that homeowners can make their boilers more efficient many of these methods are cheap and fairly easy to implement. Just making a boiler 10% more efficient can save a home several hundred dollars a year in heating costs. There are some modifications that a homeowner can have done to their boiler which can increase efficiency. Something to be aware of is that all of these modifications will have to be done by a boiler technician so they will cost some money.

Use an Aquastat

A homeowner that has a hot-water heating system should have a device called an aquastat added to their boiler. An aquastat is a thermostat that monitors the air temperature and adjusts the water temperature in the boiler to match the air temperature.

This can save money because the boiler will be burning less fuel when it is warmer outside. An aquastat could save a homeowner who lives in an area where the temperature fluctuates quite a bit a lot of money. Homeowners who live in areas where the temperature stays low for long periods of time may not see much savings.

Use an Intermittent Ignition Device

In many older gas burning boilers the pilot light stays on all the time and is always burning gas. A homeowner can reduce their gas bill by having an intermittent ignition device installed. This device only turns on the pilot light when the boiler is in operation, when the boiler is off the pilot light is off. An intermittent ignition device will save a homeowner a few bucks on their gas bill, especially in the summer time. Persons who burn propane gas in their boiler, which is much more expensive than natural gas; would definitely benefit from this device.

Install A Smaller Burner

Many boilers especially older boilers have very large burners that use much more gas. Some older boilers may have actually been converted from burning other fuels such as oil or coal so they can have huge burners.
Replacing an older big burner with a small newer burner will increase efficiency. The newer burner will definitely burn much less gas. If the new burn has an intermittent ignition device on it a homeowner could see a considerable reduction in their gas bill.

Have the Boiler Modernized

If a homeowner has the funds it would probably be a good idea to have an older boiler fully modernized. Getting a smaller burner, an intermittent ignition device and an aquastat installed should make the boiler more efficient and reduce the gas bill.

Install a Smaller More Modern Boiler

If the homeowner has a lot of extra money she should consider installing a smaller more modern boiler. A smaller modern boiler can be far more energy efficient and require much less maintenance so it will be cheaper to operate. A homeowner who installs such a burner before Dec. 31, 2010 could also be able to take advantage of a $1500 tax credit

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