Wood Fired Boiler

Wood fired boilers are one kind of heating device that has been making a come back in recent years. The reason why wood fired boilers are getting popular again is that the fuel source: wood is very cheap or even free in most parts of North America.

If a person has the ability to cut their own wood the cost of operating a wood fired boiler can be very low. Indeed wood fired boilers can be cheaper to operate than other kinds of wood fired furnaces and stoves. Wood fired boilers can very cheap to operate because they can burn scrap wood, sawdust, construction waste and other kinds of wood debris fireplaces and wood stoves can’t.

Drawbacks to Wood Fired Boilers

There are some big drawbacks to wood fired boilers that people should be aware of. A wood fired boiler will require a lot of wood to operate. This means that a person will have to have a large supply of wood available to burn.
A major drawback to wood fired boilers is the amount of work they require. A person will have to cut the wood and haul it to the boiler. A person who isn’t prepared to spend a lot of time in the woods with a chainsaw will probably not like owning a wood fired boiler.It is possible to purchase firewood in many areas but buying firewood can be very expensive. It’s often hard to find a reliable firewood supplier because many people in the firewood business operate on a part time basis.

In some cases it is possible to fuel a wood fired boiler with scrap wood such as debris from construction sites or sawmills. Unfortunately, such sources of wood are not reliable and require a lot of work.

Another drawback to a wood fired boiler is that a person will have to fuel it by hand. They will actually have to walk up to it and put the wood into it. Since most of the wood fired boilers on the market sit outside the house, this means that you will have to go outside on a cold day to fuel it.The advantage to a wood boiler is that you can generate large amounts of heat with one if you have a large supply of wood. This means that you will be able to heat water for bathing with wood.

Air Pollution

Wood fired boilers put out a large of smoke which raises air pollution concerns. In many urban areas and even some small towns it could be illegal to operate one because of air pollution laws. This means that you will have to check with your local government before putting one in. Persons who suffer from respiratory ailments such as asthma may not be able to breathe around a wood fired boiler. The smoke from such boilers can also damage houses, trees and property.

Wood fired boilers are a pretty good source of heat but they are certainly not for everybody.

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