New Modulating Condensing Boilers

Some of the most impressive advances in boiler technology have been with the new modulating condensing boilers. These are among the most efficient and advanced boilers on the market today.

The big advantage to these boilers is their smaller size which means that they can be placed in homes without a basement or cellar. This enables persons living in smaller housing units such as mobile homes to take advantage of hot water heating.

Hot water heating is more efficient and does keep homes warmer than forced air heating. It is also healthier because it doesn’t blow dust and germs around the house like force air does. Traditionally people weren’t able to take advantage of hot water heat in smaller homes because of the area needed for boilers.

How Modulating Condensing Boilers Work
These boilers take advantage of new technologies such as cast aluminum heat exchangers which means they are smaller and lighter. The new technology puts out a higher velocity of hot water which is more efficient and quieter.

This means these boilers can be placed in a closet or other location such as under the stairs. They would be ideal for use in many businesses and in work areas such as garages.

Since they can burn either propane or natural gas modulating condensing boilers can be used in most American homes. Both propane and natural gas are cheaper than electricity so they can reduce heating costs.

Another advantage to these boilers is a longer vent pipe placed on the boiler pressure vent. This allows for excess water to be pumped outside which prevents messes in the home.

The use of electric ignition means that a person won’t have to light the pilot light on these boilers. It also means that the pilot light will shut down when the boiler isn’t in use which makes the boiler safer for use in a residence or business.

Modern modulating condensing boilers are also very to install. This means such units can be put in fairly quickly even in cramped spaces.

The electronic controls in modern units will automatically adjust the water temperature. This can save on heating bills because the heat will be lowered when it’s warmer outside and increased when it is colder. This feature can also make the home more comfortable.

An individual or family looking for an efficient heating solution that provides maximum comfort while keeping heating bills low should consider installing a modulating condensing boiler. This technology is the most efficient method of hot water heating available to American home owners.


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